BE… Guides Women on How to Harness Their Power Through Courage, Resilience and Purpose to Achieve Entrepreneurial Success

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Three authentic and successful women came together not knowing they shared similar challenges and tribulations throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Their individual stories led them to create “BE… From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity,” which empowers women to lead courageously to achieve success and abundance.

The pandemic brought about a shift in the way we work as more and more opportunities transitioned to online platforms and e-commerce continues to shape the way consumers engage with brands. This growing trend marked a change in the entrepreneurial landscape and opened new avenues for female-run product-based businesses. There has been a spike in female CEOs, founders, and innovators as women are breaking free from regimented ideologies and choosing to follow their passions. Statistically, women-owned businesses generate 10% more revenue in five years than men do, as reported by the Boston Consulting Group analysis. This fact is typically due to their employees, company culture, and consumer focused brand ethos. Female-run companies, in general, report to have happier and more diversely talented employees as diversity is at the forefront for women in business. Like attracts like, and empowered, confident women are changing the economy.

Breaking into the business world is a daunting endeavor, and without insightful guidance, it can seem like an impossible feat. 

That’s where Ashley Black, Korie Minkus, and Lisa Vrancken come into play. 

The authors featured on ‘The Today Show,’ ‘CNBC’s The Profit,’ ‘Extra,’ ‘Forbes,’ and more have generated billions in revenue, launched hundreds of products, and scaled well-recognized brands. 

Ashley Black is a #1 bestselling author and ABA’s 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year for her astounding myofascial tool, the FasciaBlaster®. Korie Minkus, CEO of Rock Your Product, leading business advisor and product growth expert, internationally renowned speaker, and award-winning author helps emerging brand owners achieve their goals. Lisa Vrancken is an award-winning TV producer, #1 bestselling author, public speaker and global marketing expert that knows what it takes to stand out. They understand the hardships and challenges that come with being strong female forces. 

Community, collaboration, and passion are the backbone of running a successful business. Success should not only be measured by a monetary value, but rather by the impact one has made not only themselves but on others. Black, Minkus, and Vrancken understand the importance of working as a collective while remaining heart-centered to achieve their goals and continue to be dominant female entrepreneurs. In light of their recent companionship, they co-wrote a book, “BE… From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity,” set for release on June 28th, 2022, after realizing they have many commonalities and similar stories on the pathway to success. 

They shared in noting the lack of business related self-development and strategic professional guidance that has been designed for female entrepreneurship. Together, they decoded the approach and created a system, for like-minded women entrepreneurs or emerging business owners, to support them along their journey toward success. If you are one of those women looking to become an entrepreneur and are feeling stuck or unsure of where to start, or you are an experienced business owner looking to expand your opportunities for influence and impact, BE… provides insight into how you can channel your inner wisdom to align with a purposeful approach and make your vision a reality. 

The book is a guide that encourages women to embark on a journey of self-discovery through prioritizing resilience, confidence, and courage to unleash their Divine Feminine spirit. “It’s about learning how to control your fear and not let your fear control you,” Vrancken says. She believes, “For entrepreneurs, courage is not the absence of fear but the desire to persist and be resilient, regardless of it.”

Lisa Vrancken 

Black, Minkus, and Vrancken come together in BE… to offer insights to women to unearth their inner passion and ignite their purpose. Minkus explains, “creating strong entrepreneurship and achieving milestones of success is not just about learning, listening, and awareness, it’s very much about execution and performance. Leaning into your strengths while wildly expanding your capabilities.” After working in and advising growth companies and emerging businesses for the past 30 years, Minkus says, “the common theme of successful entrepreneurial leadership is in embracing your strengths and merging them with expanded acumen, vulnerability, compassion, and a willingness to get uncomfortable to be unstoppable.” She believes this blending of innate and learned skills, business owners should learn to cultivate and be proud of.

Korie Minkus

“You already 100% have every single thing you need to be a successful entrepreneur inside of you,” Black says. “It’s all about wiping away limiting beliefs. Things that we’ve carried, that negative self-talk, etc.”

Ashley Black

Black, Minkus, and Vrancken have decades’ worth of experience to provide women the right tools and mindset to overcome any obstacle, and BE… is a testament to their wisdom. They are unwavering optimists and ardent advocates for women and women in business. Divine Feminine energy is a tool they have come to understand and is something they believe women need to become aware of to reach their fullest potential.

Discover how you can reach your definition of prosperity and expand your mind with a spiritual and grounded approach to entrepreneurship for women. Pre-order a copy of “BE… From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity,” today and take the first step toward becoming a courageous and purpose driven businesswoman.

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