Barely Care About Valentine’s Day? This Necklace Barely Looks Like a Heart

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Celebrate love without being obvious about it.

Agmes Small Sculpted Heart Pendant, $310, available here.

Agmes Small Sculpted Heart Pendant, $310, available here.

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Of all the many capitalistic holidays perpetuated by marketers and clichés, Valentine’s Day might be the most cringe. (Don’t even get me started on “galentine’s.”) Obviously, people should do whatever brings them joy, but I personally tend not to engage, whether I’m partnered up or not. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy cute jewelry and a charming heart motif — especially when it falls on the subtle, minimalist end of the V-day gift spectrum.

I found myself immediately drawn to this heart pendant by New York-based jewelry brand Agmes — mostly because it barely looks like a heart. Available in silver or gold (with the option of custom engraving), the simple-yet-eye-catching organic design merely suggests the idea of a heart. It’s classic and timeless, with just the smallest hint of whimsy. If you wore it with a pink sweater in mid-February, people would probably read it as a heart; paired with a T-shirt and jeans in, say, July, they may not. It lets the wearer determine the vibe in a way that most Valentine’s Day-themed products do not. (There’s also a larger version with an on-trend suede cord instead of a chain.)

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I’m not usually one to request a Valentine’s Day gift, but if my boyfriend happens to be reading this: Hiiiiii.

Agmes Small Sculpted Heart Pendant, $250-$310, available here.

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