“At least we had fun today…” with Ákos Ezer

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L21 Gallery, Palma, Spain // September 21, 2023 – November 08, 2023

A few weeks back, L21 Gallery unveiled the inaugural solo showcase in Spain by one of our favorite European painters, Ákos Ezer, hailing from Hungary and born in 1989. Ezer presents an array of young men in this exhibition, characterized by contemporary and cultural allusions. These figures inhabit the canvases of the Hungarian artist, entwining their elongated limbs in abstract compositions. The surreal representations of these painted bodies frequently occupy the entirety of the canvas, forming a structured geometric boundary that appears to confine the depicted individuals. Their contorted, stooped postures and vacant gazes give them the appearance of melancholic marionettes subject to an unseen authority, a stark contrast to the vibrant and bold color palette employed in the artworks. These pieces convey themes such as purposeless actions, mass culture, and accumulation with empathy and humor, avoiding any sense of trivialization.

As Ezer says of his show, “Yes, they are all men. Maybe they are different alter egos of mine. Not in their looks, rather in their other properties. Their gender does not play a role in the story they play.  However, I think many of us can identify with the characteristics of the protagonists.” 

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