Aryo Toh Djojo Finds “Unseen Realities” in Paris

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Stems Gallery, Paris // March 09, 2024 – March 30, 2024

Outer space and alien life forms hasn’t always been the topic for fine art. We have seen a renwed appreciation for the likes of Sorayama, Giger and Amano in recent years, but the idea of putting flying saucers and images of space onto canvas is a bit of a challenge. But in the studio of Los Angeles-based Aryo Toh Djojo, and in his new solo show Unseen Realities at Stems in Paris, we look beyond our expectations for the content in gallery work and start to look to the skies above. Aryo doesn’t always touch on space as a subject, but he often has gazed skyward and created work that exists above the horizon and into the things we cannot deny influence and fascinate us. In this show, he creates an interstellar vision of life, with moons, hybrid creatures, voids and bright monoliths. We are on earth at times but also just beyond, touching on something both human and explorative. —Evan Pricco

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