Ariana Madix Makes Sex Dig at Ex Tom Sandoval Over His Dirty Underwear

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VPR’s Raquel Leviss Sues Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix is airing Tom Sandoval‘s dirty laundry—literally.

During Vanderpump Rules‘ Apr. 2 episode, the Dancing With the Stars alum attempted to steal her ex’s personal assistant Ann Maddox and made a dig at his alleged personal hygiene habits in the process.

“Things will get a little rough for my roommate if I poach his assistant,” Ariana said in a confessional. “But, I mean, he didn’t respect me enough to not f–k my friend when I was at my grandmother’s funeral. So I should be stealing his assistant gleefully.”

During an informal interview with Ariana at her and Tom’s house, Ann did admit working for the TomTom co-owner “does have its cons,” noting, “Sometimes I have to pick up hist dirty socks and underwear.”

The comment prompted a shady response from Ariana.

“I know he wears that s–t sometimes for days in a row,” the 38-year-old quipped of her former partner of nine years, with whom she split last year, in a confessional. “And then he wondered why I didn’t want to f–k him. Change your drawers, bro!”

Ann further revealed her desire for a new opportunity, telling Ariana, “I would love to work for an amazing girl boss. But also if it doesn’t work out, I totally understand. No worries, I love you.”

And while the Chicago star admitted she wanted to hire Ann as her assistant, she thought it best to wait until she was no longer living with her ex.

“Obviously. right now, things are weird with the living situation,” Ariana told Ann. “So maybe it’s not tomorrow or not this week, but maybe it’s once I’m out of the house also. We’ll keep in touch.”

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However, Tom, who was upstairs, overhead the conversation and was not too happy about his ex’s plans.

“Ariana already got all of our friends,” he shared in a confessional. “Now she has to take my assistant? She could have anybody she wants work for her.”

The drama between the exes didn’t end there. It came to a head the next day when the cast regrouped for a water tasting party at James Kennedy‘s house.

As Ariana recounted to her castmates in front of Tom, “So I asked her for advice on assistants and she was saying I would also really like to work for you. Well, the attempted dog murderer was eaves-dropping.” 

The feuding over Ann then turned to an incident in which Ariana said Tom endangered their dog Mya’s life by locking the pet in Ariana’s bedroom where she got into leftover takeout food.

“He not only let Mya in my room, but he then locked her in there for hours,” a fuming Ariana recounted. “So while she was in there, she chewed on takeout containers that had wooden skewers from chicken satay and that carelessness given what she has now ingested could end her life.”

“You already got everything, Ariana,” Tom fired back. “You got all the campaigns, now you’re gonna take my assistant?”

But Ariana wasn’t backing down. “Ruin my life, my home,” the Something About Her co-founder retorted, “and then attempt to kill my f–king dog by letting her in my room, shutting her in there for f–king hours!”

See the exes’ feuding continue when Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo. And keep reading for a preview of the cast’s stunning season 11 reunion looks.

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