AnnaSophia Robb on Her Viral Wedding Dress, Occasion Dressing and Go-to Gifts

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People still stop her and her husband on the street about the gorgeous wedding.

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AnnaSophia Robb is just as surprised as you are that her wedding went so viral.

“Like, why are people yelling at me down on the street [about my wedding]?,” she asks at a holiday dinner she hosted for St~Germain (which was responsible for some of the signature cocktails at the aforementioned viral wedding).   

If you haven’t seen Robb’s Vogue wedding, you’re in for a treat: The actor married Trevor Paul at Inness, a stunning hotel in the Catskills, last summer. She wore vintage John Galliano from Aralda Vintage for her rehearsal dinner, then custom Danielle Frankel Studio for the ceremony. 

She admits the process of looking for the dress was harrowing at first: “I didn’t know what I was doing. You get engaged, and you don’t realize it’s a full-blown industry. It’s a lot.” But she had Frankel on her mind.

“I had seen her Zoë Kravitz piece — the crochet with the pearls — and fell in love,” she says. “Then her team was like, ‘Hey, congratulations.’ And I said, ‘Oh, hey.'”

“We had this amazing process,” she continues. “I went to her studio, and she had all of her beautiful dresses — it was the trying-on period, but it just felt so right. Her pieces are felt so me, they felt also so unique and, honestly, they were so comfortable. I have my wedding dress hanging up on the back of my bedroom door, and I just look at it every day, like, ‘When am I gonna wear you again?'”

To play hostess for the holiday dinner, Robb opted for something festive and holiday-appropriate: a plush velvet, scalloped floral appliqué strapless mini dress from Oscar de la Renta, a brand that epitomizes New York.

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Having lived in the city for a long time (#JusticeForTheCarrieDiaries), the actor says that, out of all of the outside forces and mediums through which we receive information, New York has the strongest influence on her style: “You see me in Colorado, I’m a totally different person.”

“I personally dress for occasion, but what informs my style more than anything right now is: What makes me happy? I’m trying to be less concerned about what other people think and what I want to project,” she says. “I want to think sustainably. I want investment pieces. I also want investment pieces that make me happy and that don’t necessarily feel safe all the time.”

It’s about personal style, with an emphasis on personal: “When I look at people that I admire, it feels like that — Chloë Sevigny, Alexa Chung, SJP. They’re all very different, but very them.”

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As we head into the holidays — i.e. peak occasion dressing — Robb also has a go-to gift that hasn’t failed her: framed art, photographs, even ornaments. “It’s such a pain in the ass to frame things,” she says. “Framebridge’s really good at it. You just mail it in… I’m actually framing my seating chart for my wedding.” 

A St~Germain pump dispenser would also be nice.

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