Angelina Jolie Is Embracing Her Roots… No, Literally — See Photo

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Angelina Jolie shocked us in June when we spotted her new crop of blonde hair. Though her brunette roots remained, the majority of her hair was painted various shades of blonde, creating a balayage look. Since then, her balayage has grown into more of an ombré.

Jolie was spotted with her slightly darker hair in the New York City streets on August 16. Dressed in all black, the actor looked glamorous with her hair flowing around her. In the photo, you can really appreciate how the different hair colors seamlessly fade into each other. Her dark roots blend into a caramel brown around the middle of her hair shaft. That brown blends into the honey and butter blonde hues throughout the rest of her hair. This hair color truly is just as stunning as her blonder hair in June. 

Her hair was side-parted and slightly towards the back, and some of it fell forward, brushing her collarbone. Her ends were curled inward at the ends, which makes me wonder if this was a fresh blowout. Though most of her hair is bleached, especially the ends, it still looked rather healthy. I wouldn’t be shocked if her hair still feels silky when she runs her hands through it. 

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