Amy Schumer Reflects on Painful and “Lonely” Battle With Endometriosis

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Amy Schumer discussed her long battle with endometriosis on The Checkup with Dr. David Agus, revealing how she found relief following her 2021 hysterectomy. Here’s what she said.

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Amy Schumer is reflecting on her painful journey with endometriosis.

The comedian, 41, recently got candid about the toll the condition took on her, explaining that she struggled to be taken seriously by doctors due to so many of the symptoms not presenting outwardly.

“It’s this pain you can’t see,” Amy shared on the Dec. 13 episode of The Checkup with Dr. David Agus. “And there’s this tendency to think women are just being dramatic.”

Reflecting on her own symptoms of endometriosis, a disease affecting uterine tissue that can cause extreme pain, the Trainwreck star noted that it’s difficult to express how detrimental the disease can be.   

“It’s a lonely, lonely disease,” she explained to host David Agus. “You tell someone you get really bad cramps, and they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s being a woman,’ and you’re like, ‘no, it’s irregular.’ I’ve been in so much pain, you know, my whole life — not just the week of my period. It’s during ovulation. I would hopefully get a good week a month where I wasn’t in pretty significant pain, still trying to achieve, still trying to go through life. It’s been really difficult.”

However, Amy—who shares son Gene, 3, with husband Chris Fischer—underwent a hysterectomy and appendectomy to relieve her of pain stemming from endometriosis in Sept. 2021 and it was a decision she says has been a game changer.

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“I felt like a new person. It was incredible,” the I Feel Pretty star said. “I feel like someone lifted this veil that had been over me and I just felt like a different person and like a new mom.”

The Checkup with Dr. David Agus airs on Paramount+ on Tuesdays.

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