All Entities Are Subject to Decay in Super Future Kid’s “Stardust”

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Gana Art, Seoul // March 14, 2024 – April 14, 2024

Born in East Germany before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Super Future Kid’s artistic endeavors are influenced by pop culture elements, including video games, music, early internet culture, and toys from West Germany following reunification.

The title of her latest exhibition at Gana Art, Sternenstaub, translates to “stardust” in German and encapsulates the thematic foundation of the artist’s new series, which is a fundamental component of the universe. “That everything will break and crumble at some point—creatures, buildings, mountains, even stars.” In the artist’s words, the underlying idea of the new series is that all entities are subject to eventual decay, and become part of the stardust that makes up the cosmos. Central to her new series are human figures whose physiques evoke the imagery of cracked and borken concrete. The artist uses the imperfect material of concrete to convey the fragility and limitations of the human body, contrasting it with the traditional notion of bone and flesh.

Despite this imperfection, the figures depicted exude calmness and strength, engaging in activities like archery and leisurely walks, symbolizing a resilient will to live. Morever, the artist placed small symbols representing different aspects of the human experience alongside the human body, such as love, nature, laughter, luck, etc. Through these elements, she imbues the concrete-bodied figures in her paintings with a sense of humanity. This gesture highlights the artist’s warm gaze and fondness for humanity. Instead of adopting a nihilistic perspective that suggests humans will all ‘die and vanish,’ Super Future Kid’s artwork explores the hidden significance of life and the essence of humanity itself.

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