Alex Face and the “Fictional City” @ Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles

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Thinkspace Projects presents our sophomore solo show with Alex Face, Fictional City, following successful solo exhibitions in Bangkok, Thailand and Rome, Italy. This brand new collection of Alex Face’s work incorporates the character the artist has become known for, exploring new situations and elements, introducing the variety within his work to a new audience.

His signature subject, a quizzical smoking baby that shares a moniker with the artist himself, can be seen contemplating the future. With a worried look spread across its face, this baby turns an eye to the world around it, an extension of Alex Face’s identity as an artist with a social conscience.

The character was inspired by the birth of the artist’s daughter. As the artist himself describes, “The first time I saw her she looked angry or worried, I thought, are you not happy to be my daughter? Are you not happy to be in the world?” Ultimately, this moment became the catalyst for the character he is widely known for.

The baby, with its third eye to represent another dimension beyond what we can plainly see, takes on new situations and future possibilities in this new collection of work.

Alex Face (Patcharapon Tangruen) is a Thai street artist and painter who has captivated art enthusiasts worldwide, expressing himself through murals, canvas paintings, and enormous bronze sculptures. His street art is characterized by a unique style that combines the fresh and immediate language of graffiti with virtuoso painting technique, resulting in art with an indelible impact and elaborate content.

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