A Portfolio: Lily Kemp

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As we mentioned the other day, as we kick off a new year, 2023, Juxtapoz has begun a new web series: A Portfolio. A simple explanation; just artists we have on our radar that we wanted to show to our readers, regardless of exhibition schedule or upcoming events. Today we look at the works of London-based painter, Lily Kemp, who will have works on view at Taymour Grahne Projects in London this weekend. 

As the gallery notes, “Lily Kemp has been exploring depictions of mermaids from a queer narrative as an ambiguous hybrid figure, after looking at tales of mermaids in different cultures. By focusing on mermaids and fish like people in Chinese Mythology, Kemp delves deeper into connotations of the illustrious figure.”

Check out some of our recent short videos:

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