A Portfolio: Julia Signe

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On today’s end-of-the-week A Portfolio, we take a look at the works of Norwegian American fine artist, Julia Signe. Her work came to our attention after being in a group show with Richard Heller Gallery in 2023, and we are keeping an eye on the now Chicago-based painter/illustrator.

Julia’s artistic journey is characterized by an exploration of vulnerability, trauma, and freedom. Her work serves as a narrative of introspection and resilience, drawing from personal experiences and observations of the holistic human condition- body, mind, and spirit. She received her BFA in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2022, where she first explored her ‘Bird People’ series through painting and drawing. Julia is currently dedicated to pursuing artist residencies internationally to expand her cultural lexicon and to seek out all things strange and whimsical to influence her work.

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