A 2023 Kind of Art “Potluck”

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Hashimoto Contemporary, Los Angeles // February 18, 2023 – March 11, 2023

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Potluck – a group exhibition exploring the complex and rich histories behind, the memories and associations with, and the community created through the experience of a shared meal. The third annual edition of this dynamic group show brings together over 30 artists working in ceramics, painting, drawing and beyond.

There is nothing more universal than food and the simple act of breaking bread with others results in a diverse range of experiences culturally, emotionally and conceptually. Ranging from intimate and charged moments to elaborate tablescapes – the dozens of artists participating each offer a piece of their personal narrative, experiences, or social commentary through what they’ve brought to the table, figuratively and literally.

São Paulo-based Bianca Foratori explores race, heritage and femininity through her figurative subject’s relationships to their food, whereas Megan Ellen MacDonald’s still lives are devoid of figures but are charged with wry suggestive innuendo. Historical references to the Dutch Golden Era of still life painting can be found in Sabrina Bockler’s decadent scenes (featured above) contrast with the contemporary nature of ceramicist Courtney Krings’ pop-culture ode to the iconic and distinctly American, Cheetos bag.

Much like a potluck dinner, each artist in this exhibition contributes a morsel of themselves resulting in a diverse sampling of mediums, styles, works and ideas. While many of these elements may be disparate in relation to each other, it is the act of bringing them together that results in a dynamic exhibition or meal.

Participating Artists:Jess Ackerman | Sarah Allwine | Lou Benesch | Sabrina Bockler | Katie Butler | Mike Chattem | Sebastian Curi | Madelynn De La Rosa | Danny Dooreck | Jen Dwyer | Christina Erives | Jillian Evelyn | Mary Finlayson | Bianca Foratori | Luke Forsyth | Maya Fuji | Casey Gray | Sara Hagale | David Heo | Loc Huynh | Gregory Jacobsen | Natalia Juncadella | Katie Kimmel | Courtney Krings | Tae Lee | Megan Ellen Macdonald | Michael McGregor | Carmen McNall | Stephen Morrison | Lap Ngo | Victoria Nunley | Michael Polakowski | Simone Quiles | Stacey Rozich | Yam Shalev | Stephanie S. Shih | Lorien Stern | Adrian Kay Wong | Kristen Liu Wong | Cha Yuree | curated by Dasha Matsuura

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