6 Rising Health and Fitness Influencers to Follow

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Health and fitness became more central to the lifestyle category during the pandemic, with both influencers and brands looking to inspire movement and outdoor adventure. 

For example, in the fashion space, Traackr data found that the athletic/athleisure category saw an uptick in the number of activated influencers, posts and video views. And in the beauty space, we even saw more health and fitness influencers become integrated with the beauty industry. Perhaps these are indications that the lifestyle industry is ready for a change — it’s no longer all about how you look, but how you feel and what you do to take care of your body. 

For lifestyle brands that are interested in further exploring this trend, here are six health and fitness influencers who are spreading inclusivity and positivity, and have seen recent audience growth. 

Kanoa Greene (@kanoagreene)

Micro: 28K

About: Kanoa is on a mission to share the message that all bodies, no matter shape, size or capability, belong in the fitness space. Kanoa is a fitness and adventure influencer who provides her audience with body positive messaging and fun “werkouts” . Since the beginning of the year, our data shows that her follower count has been steadily rising, an indication that this type of content and representation is valued. Check out her inspirational content and inclusive workouts — they’ll make you want to dance! 

Our favorite post: 

Dr Hazel Wallace (@thefoodmedic)

Macro: 646K 

About: Dr. Hazel Wallce is the founder of The Food Medic, an NHS medical doctor, registered nutritionist, and best-selling author. Dr. Wallace’s page is packed with highly educational content covering various fitness and nutrition topics. More and more, we’ve seen professionals come into the social media space to spread awareness about their field and do very well on platforms like TikTok (For example, Dr. Shah – @dermdoctor!). Her TikTok audience has nearly doubled since February of 2022 indicating she might be on the same trajectory!

Our favorite post:

Megan Roup (@meganroup)

Macro: 607K 

About: Megan Roup, founder of the Sculpt Society, has nearly tripled her audience on TikTok since January. Why? Her content is truly resonating with her millennial audience. Megan shares a lot of her sculpting workout classes shedding light on the benefits of low impact workouts and the importance of listening to your body. She also shares her routines as a busy mom featuring a few guest appearances from her baby girl – a trend we’ve noticed that marketers need to take note of. 

Our favorite post: 

Allison Shiver (@alliloveslifting86)

Mid: 69K

About: For many folks, “gym culture” can be a very intimidating and toxic environment. Enter: Allison Shiver, a health and fitness influencer who brings transparency and humor to the gym world. She pokes fun at the gym world with her gym “stereotype” videos, but she is also a big advocate for getting folks into the gym and feeling comfortable. She also addresses a lot of the harassment one can face and sets an example for how folks should uplift one another in this space instead of tearing them down. 

Our favorite post:

Elizabeth (@curvysurfergirl)

Mid: 203K

About: Positive surfer vibes only ✌️ on Elizabeth’s TikTok page! Elizabeth is a body positive health and fitness influencer who is on a mission to show the world that women with curves are surfers and athletes. Her message is resonating with folks as she’s doubled her TikTok audience between March and June of this year! We love that Elizabeth advocates for making surfing a more inclusive sport and we can’t get enough of the dreamy Hawaiian waves she rides.

Our favorite post:

L. Renee (@urbanclimbr)

Micro: 31.7K

About: L. Renne Blount is an adventure storyteller who has worked with a handful of outdoor brands to bring their stories to life. As a visual storyteller, L. brings you into her outdoor adventures whether that be climbing up mountains, biking across cities or camping in the woods. The main message of her content is joy and fun, making you want to drop everything you’re doing and join her. She is also taking the meaning of “influencer” one step further and founded the Elevation Grant, an initiative that empowers and encourages BIPOC photographers and filmmakers to chase their professional dreams as outdoor storytellers. If your brand cares about purpose and social change, influencers like L. Renee make great partners!

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