6 Gaming Influencers to Follow

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How to Partner with Gaming Influencers

The gaming industry has been booming over the past few years. It’s now reported that 3.2 billion gamers are joysticking away around the world. Say goodbye to the tired cliché of someone hiding out in their basement. Today’s gamers are a diverse bunch, as demonstrated by 92-year-old Japanese gamer grandma Hamako Mori and her millions of YouTube views.

Now, an increasing number of industries are looking to connect with this ever-growing audience and collaborate with gaming influencers. So grab your controller, adjust your headset, and sit back as we explore the six gaming influencers you need to follow.

Kayla (@sommerset_ig)

Top influencer: 1.98m

About Kayla: Kayla (aka Sommerset) is a Fortnite and Fall Guys pro on Twitch. She’s particularly popular with the Gen Z crowd — they love her creative content. She’s also a master of the Instagram selfie, and uses the platform for gaming posts as well as sharing partner content from brands like Hollister and Madrinas. Since early this year, this gaming influencer has clocked in 200k followers on Twitch and 40k on YouTube, boasting a 16% engagement rate on Instagram over the past few weeks: head-spinning figures that show just how much of a hit she is.  

Dooms (@__dooms__)

 Top influencer: 2.71m

About Dooms: Dooms is a French gaming influencer who also creates more lifestyle-focused content on her two different channels. Her video game channel on YouTube offers up a fun, fresh approach to gaming whereas her lifestyle channel features videos of her testing TikTok makeup hacks and attempting various social media challenges. This gaming influencer has built up a rock-solid community, having gained 50k Instagram followers this year — and her YouTube channel is just as successful. It is noteworthy to point out that her Instagram audience is female-heavy (75%) which is pretty rare in an industry that’s still primarily male-dominated!

Locklear (@esl_locklear)

VIP influencer: 5.06m

About Locklear: Locklear is a trending gaming influencer in the French gaming industry who is a regular on Twitch’s Discussion and Until Dawn chats. Locklear is versatile to say the least, and has already collaborated with non-gaming brands like Gymshark and Rakuten on Instagram. Recently, he’s been enjoying a 15% average engagement rate which is pretty impressive given the size of his audience. With 1.87m followers and a massive 64.7m views of his Twitch profile, this is definitely one to watch. 👀


Lauren Cochrane (@laurenzside)

VIP influencer: 12.3m

About Lauren: American gamer Lauren specializes in Twitch live streams that cover lots of popular games such as Among Us, The Sims, and Minecraft. Lauren is active across all social media platforms with content that primarily appeals to young, female followers who are interested in gaming. Although most of her content focuses on gaming, she does also share glimpses of her life as an Instagram influencer – uploading snapshots of her workout sessions and everyday life as a young mom. Lauren is well-versed in building her community, as her audience figures have been steadily growing over the past few months!

Laure Valée (@laure_bv)

Macro influencer: 522k

About Laure: Laure is a journalist with a special interest in e-sport, a field in which women are still underrepresented. She is a bona fide expert having her own e-sport podcast on Twitch. Laure’s audience is international: on YouTube, 24% of her viewers are French, 23% are American. She’s regularly invited to gaming conventions and other events allowing her to share special moments with her community on Instagram like posting sneak peeks backstage.

Juan Alberto (@illojuan)

VIP influencer: 6.38m

About Juan: Spanish gamer Juan Alberto is a Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto regular on Twitch. His recent lives sent his figures rocketing, netting an average of 103k viewers over the past few months. As well as his Twitch and YouTube channels, he can also be found over on TikTok and Instagram where he posts about all things gaming — and beyond: he recently Disney+. His followers are mainly millennials both in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries like Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico. His community is continuing to grow with an extra 500k Twitch followers added to his audience last quarter, and 250k on Instagram this year. Juan definitely makes our VIP influencer list. 🏆

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