5 Influencers Creating Space for Black Women in Alternative Beauty Trends

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Once a law student immersed in “corporate hustle culture” with dreams of being a corporate attorney, Turner tired of the “suit, briefcase” lifestyle and left law school. Soon, she realized that there were successful people out in the world “doing less, but getting more.” They weren’t working harder, they were working smarter.

“When I left law school, I realized that the people that were living softer and living more intentionally and living more authentically were actually achieving more than the people that were hustling,” she explained. She was inspired by women she saw on TikTok posting their own, aspirational morning routines and became determined to create one of her own that actually sparked joy. Turner transformed her new take on life into an opportunity to create Black Girl Luxury content on TikTok; she’s now a full-time influencer and author.

While there were many things drawing her into the “soft living” lifestyle, diverse representation wasn’t one of them. “When I started to see ‘soft living,’ I didn’t really see a lot of people that looked like me. I didn’t see any Black women going to pilates or drinking green juice at 5:30 a.m.,” Turner explains. “I knew I was interested. I knew friends that were already doing that. I don’t know if it’s the [historically Black university] Spellman in me, but I like closing gaps and letting people know, we [Black people] are here.'”

Turner acknowledges that sometimes social media can be “toxic” in setting unrealistic expectations, but it was meaningful for her to see “women living very soft, intentional lives and moving through life being very feminine with themselves and setting boundaries with themselves and other people and just achieving goals without hustle culture.”

While the pre-sunrise pilates-and-green-juice routine is often associated with capitalism and hustle culture, for Turner, setting her own schedule without a job setting it for her was paramount. She says that intentional living is about people unapologetically putting themselves first. “I started showing people that routines are absolutely essential, and to pour into yourself. I’m a big proponent of pouring into myself before I’m pouring into anybody else,” she explains.

Turner thinks Black people were always a part of the soft living community, just not as visibly as white people. Her TikTok page invites audiences to see her routines and engage with her philosophy of pouring into herself before pouring into anybody else. Whether it’s setting healthy boundaries or meditating before a day of productivity, the “soft living” that Turner strives for is all about self-care and preservation.

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