41 Ideas for Winter Nails to Do at Home or in the Salon

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If we’re being honest, we’ve been thinking about winter nails since spring. There are so many great nail trends out there that we could easily fill an entire calendar. And with 2022 almost behind us, and a new season nigh, we thought: Why not celebrate by sharing some of our favorite winter nail designs and asking the pros about the nail trends they’re excited about for the cooler months?

According to nail experts, shorter nails will be in style this season — and it makes sense. Think about it, you don’t want your nails snagging or pushing against the fingertips of your gloves. “Short nails have proven to be chic and low maintenance,” Christina Kao, co-founder and co-CEO of Le Mini Macaron, tells Allure. “They offer a more natural look, which has been trending.”

Queenie Nguyen, editorial nail artist, agrees and believes that the squoval nail shape will return to provide fun to any nail look while also being easy to maintain. “The squoval, a soft square, is ideal for a minimalist nail look.”

Nail artists have been pumping out awe-inspiring nail looks like it’s no big deal (talent like this totally is, though), and we’ve been keeping tabs on all of the ones we want to try. Ahead, you’ll find a diverse array of designs for every aesthetic taste, like festive jewel-toned creations, new and exciting ways to wear sparkle, astrology-themed art, ombré, and much more. (Plus, some insight and product suggestions from the creators themselves.)

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1. Emerald Green Accent

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