31 Cute Shag Haircut Ideas for Any Length and Texture — See Photos

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We’re all guilty of making big changes to our hair to emulate a look we’ve seen online without considering whether it will actually be manageable for our hair type, which is why Diaz-Santin suggests asking your stylist four specific questions before taking the plunge:

  1. Is this suitable for my face shape?
  2. Do I have enough density to carry this style?
  3. What is the maintenance for this style?
  4. How do I duplicate this style at home?

Shag Haircut Costs

The shag is a specialty haircut, says hairstylist Sofie Pok, so prepare to potentially pay more for your chop. Pok says prices will vary widely depending on the experience of the stylist. “If you go to someone who’s exceptional at these styles, you may want to consider paying $200 or more for the cut,” she says, warning that visiting an inexperienced stylist may result in you needing a correction, thus costing you more in the long run. However, she adds that you can also get the style for $55-$100.

How to Style a Shag Haircut

The beauty of a shag haircut is its ability to suit almost any hair texture and length. Below are tips on how to style your look, based on your hair texture.

Styling a Shag on Fine to Medium Hair

Styling a shag haircut on fine to medium hair is all about adding texture and volume to avoid a limp style that lacks dimension. “Start with a texturizing product like the O&M Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray and lightly mist it onto damp hair from roots to ends,” says Frankie Flanagan, a hairstylist and owner of Adilla Colab salon in Sydney. “Next, blow dry your hair using a brush. Pull the hair forward at a 90-degree angle — to keep the root flat and the ends straight — and encourage movement and volume through the mid-lengths.”

Styling a Shag on Thick Hair

When styling a shag haircut on thick hair, Flanagan stresses that keeping the hair below the occipital bone pin-straight will help to stop the look from feeling too bulky. “Start by working a liberal amount of blow dry cream or spray, like the Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray, into your hair to cut down on drying time and add a beautiful sheen,” she says. Next, straighten the bottom section. Smooth the remaining hair at a 90-degree angle to avoid adding too much texture to the roots.

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