26 Actually-Good Beauty Gifts That Cost $25 or Less

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Photos: Courtesy of brands; Pixabay; Collage: Angela Wei

(But look way fancier.)

We know it’s hard to find the right gifts for your loved ones, so we’ve compiled a ton of fashion and beauty-focused gift guides tailored to a range of interests and budgets. Check out our latest below and find more right here.

The holidays can be a time of togetherness, joyful celebration, family tradition, indulgent comfort foods and excessive PJ wearing — but they can also be a trigger for anxiety-induced overspending. The pressure to find the perfect gift for every loved one on your list is no joke, and we’re pretty sure that cheap-looking, underwhelming trinkets aren’t on anyone’s wish list. That’s where this gift guide comes in, at least if you’re currently shopping for anyone who loves beauty or could simply use a little more pampering in their routine.

In the gallery below, we’ve rounded up 26 fragrance, skin, makeup, nail and hair gifts from beloved brands that look fancy, but cost $25 or less. You’ll find best-selling lipsticks bundled with must-try liners, adorably-packaged nail polish sets you don’t even need to wrap, crowd-pleasing hair products and glow-enhancing skin care that will make spirits (and complexions) bright. Scoop them up for your BFF, your mom, your roommate, your partner, your Secret Santa buddy, yourself — all without putting too hefty a dent in your next credit card statement. (Plus, many of them will only become more of a deal as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other pre-holiday sales roll out.)

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