19 Best TikTok Prime Day Beauty Deals for 2023

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Neogen Dermalogy’s Extra Slim Metal Mascara is one of those products that you have to see in action to believe that it works. This mascara manages to lift and lengthen lashes using a thin metal wand in lieu of traditional bushy bristles. Sounds unbelievable, but the testing videos on TikTok make a strong case for it.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

Forget single-use floss, because Waterpik’s viral Cordless Advanced Water Flosser utilizes a stream of water to gently cut through food and bacteria. This nifty gadget has 3 pressure settings to floss without irritating your gums and it flosses your entire mouth in as little as 45 seconds.

You’ve probably seen many a TikToker swipe on Physicians Formula’s Murumuru Butter Bronzer. As its name suggests, this bronzer is famous for its buttery, murmur butter-infused formula that glides onto the skin and blends out perfectly.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Revlon Oil-Absorbing Face Roller

Cetaphil is a TikTok beauty darling that’s known for its effective, no-frills formulas. One of the most popular products from the brand is the Daily Facial Cleanser, which is known for its fragrance-free, oil-balancing formula that’s powered by mattifying niacinamide and moisture-retaining glycerin

The Revlon Oil-Absorbing Face Roller took over just about every TikToker’s face this summer for its adorably small stature and impressive oil-absorbing properties. This pocket-sized rollerball’s mattifying magic comes from its reusable volcanic stone ball, which sucks up oil in a breeze. 

Cosrx Advanced Snail Mucin 96 Power Essence

LuxFurni Vanity Tabletop Hollywood Makeup Mirror

Snail mucin is one of the many ingredients from Korean beauty products that has grown in popularity stateside. One of the top-trending products infused with this tone-evening ingredient is Cosrx’s Advanced Snail Mucin 96 Power Essence, which has become one of TikTok’s most popular skin-care products for its acne- and hyperpigmentation-targeting formula.

Live out your actor-in-a-dressing-room fantasy by adding a light-up makeup mirror to your vanity. LuxFurni’s Vanity Tabletop Hollywood Makeup Mirror comes in two different sizes with three different light settings, so your makeup will come out perfectly every time.

Panasonic ES-WL80-V Wet/Dry Electric Shaver

Every couple of months TikTok loves to try out a new hair removal method. Once everyone had their fun with sugaring, waxing, and depilatory tools, the app turned to beard trimmers and electric shavers in search of a quick, gentle shave that even lazy people feel up for. The Panasonic Wet/Dry Electric Shaver can shave and trim both wet and dry hair without irritating sensitive skin or making you work too hard.

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