17 Best Rabbit Vibrators for Double the Pleasure 2024

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Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned sex toy user, you deserve one of the best rabbit vibrators to help meet (and exceed) your needs. Not sure what a rabbit vibe is? Well, kindly take a seat because school is now in session. Rabbit vibrators are a delightful combination of a dildo and a clitoral vibrator, designed to activate internal and external pleasure at the same time — targeting the clitoris, vagina, and sometimes the anus. Stimulating up to three nerve-dense erogenous areas increases your chance of a euphoric full-body O. If that sounds a little too intense for your liking, worry not; among these picks, you’re sure to find a bunny buddy that suits your comfort level.

Our Top Picks:

While rabbit vibrators, like most sex toys, are great for solo use, we encourage pulling them out of the drawer and into your partnered sex session. Sex therapists like Vanessa Marin wholeheartedly agree that bringing a toy into the bedroom with a partner can better meet your needs — because sex isn’t a zero-sum game.

Even though some iterations of this toy category feature bunny-ear-inspired appendages designed to stimulate your eternal love nub, there are plenty of rabbit vibrators that employ a less focused tip or a different approach altogether: clit suction. Each brand has its own take on the beloved genre, and you’re sure to find one that fits your individual needs — whether whisper-quiet, thrusting, remote-controlled, dual-motored, or something else altogether.

Without further ado, check out this list of the 17 best rabbit vibrators the web has to offer in 2024. Now go forth and vibe.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

  • Best Overall: Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator”,”brand”:{“name”:””},”id”:”64235dc6c3b1fd3c8bdb0df3″,”index”:0,”contentType”:”product”,”offers”:[{“offerUrl”:”https://www.lovehoney.com/sex-toys/vibrators/rabbit-vibrators/p/fifty-shades-of-grey-greedy-girl-g-spot-rabbit-vibrator/a31710g54811.html”,”price”:”$100″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”https://cna.st/p/2h8zKZvUAqv9ZJXALmjZG6yxazALsV88BnPjpY79tUigu4XpW8CvFEo5HcHjohnd2KE6KiuSUXiPU8aeU5iEehbhowihw4aeooXwBCWMbBoRKRVmgNaTBezCikuEKuuaRmpXnbAzgHpQ5TGM4U3YupiQdt4ir7h1GPkJVyEwXHieB73G8E”,”reducedPrice”:”$80″,”sellerName”:”Lovehoney”,”countryCode”:”US”},{“offerUrl”:”https://www.pinkcherry.com/products/greedy-girl-thrusting-g-spot-rabbit-vibrator”,”price”:”$160″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”https://cna.st/p/2h8zKZvUAqv9ZJXALmjZG6yxazALsV88BnPjpY79tUigu4XpW8CvFEo5HcHjohnd2KE6KiuSUXiPU8af4KrS3kAix5M7qrK3biK6bKYZaJJmME8eeCK4XDdZZrArksv54mVEhLCDWZrN4FqxgDMSk93eHoUrQ74WgrWdt27xKisTtNb4gn”,”reducedPrice”:”$80″,”sellerName”:”PinkCherry”,”countryCode”:”US”},{“offerUrl”:”https://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/vibrators/rabbit-vibrators/sp-fifty-shades-of-grey-greedy-girl-g-spot-rabbit-vibrator-99283.aspx?”,”price”:”$100″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”https://cna.st/p/2h8zKZvUAqv9ZJXALmjZG6yxazALsV88BnPjpY79tUigu4XpW8CvFEo5HcHjohnd2KE6KiuSUXiPU8af5BWLXsUx2dSNwX9xNMt8H5DmUUcu6mkNWteyc4JCLaMQ7oWtBVXevFUCP5FcWKuhcktLnoCpnJNCtTLzyR5eN7zXhBbjaZ8JuC”,”sellerName”:”Adam & Eve”,”countryCode”:”US”,”reducedPrice”:””}]}” data-testid=”GallerySlideWrapper” orientation=”landscape”>

    Best Overall: Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

    Why It’s Worth It: What makes the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator so special is that it’s also a high-quality thruster. This best-seller stands out for its 15 vibration modes, two motors that can be used separately or together, and a USB-rechargeable battery. Also, sexy name alert?

    Editor Tip: To really kick things up a notch, pair this classic rabbit toy with your favorite water-based lube.

    Product Specs: Three vibration speeds, nine vibration patterns, thrusting 5.5-inch shaft, made of body-safe silicone, two motors, rechargeable, waterproof

  • Best for Couples: We-Vibe Nova 2″,”brand”:{“name”:””},”id”:”621927cb1c0826e72f86b5c3″,”index”:1,”contentType”:”product”,”offers”:[{“offerUrl”:”https://www.lovehoney.com/sex-toys/vibrators/rabbit-vibrators/p/we-vibe-x-lovehoney-nova-2-app-controlled-rechargeable-rabbit-vibrator/a44831g80720.html”,”price”:”$149″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”https://cna.st/p/2h8zKZvUAqv9ZJXALmjZG6yxazALsV88BnPjpY79tUigu4XpW8CvFEoeL6d7P8VpZSAenhsNhsq6HHVvr7vLAx21yRQ6iCpALghzcRmmitRgjf8bwdJCnLueMvXwmGKUUVr23Pj8se1WsyhMSTcrfkfNNmsnkkCwhVUWjtmswS9eR6WSHt”,”sellerName”:”Lovehoney”,”countryCode”:”US”,”reducedPrice”:””},{“offerUrl”:”https://www.we-vibe.com/us/nova2″,”price”:”$149″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”https://cna.st/p/meh9fHuiYWLirz7knjuhASTgYt8JFPwA3zPqvyhxqqyUpVdWyZH77uViJHt2D29eAz8z9T74jckqdBum6mKpjaK48zd2nKkFpfiDe2Kz2VZ7rXcGf2gxCyTKY2ggqS9DbXaxvZkjWiEArvFM27ZbYN2aQACik5FWPEgfTpERt”,”sellerName”:”We-Vibe”,”countryCode”:””,”reducedPrice”:””},{“offerUrl”:”https://www.amazon.com/We-Vibe-Vibrator-Clitoris-Vibrating-Control/dp/B08DYFCX3Q”,”price”:”$149″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”https://cna.st/p/2h8zKZvUAqv9ZJXALmjZG6yxazALsV88BnPjpY79tUigu4XpW8CvFEoeL6d7P8VpZSAenhsNhsq6HHVvsqE99CeU8XacuYVysyr3yw8BXF3xEkN3h1z2x2EuuNu2V7X6hwvrVEH6cep1n7pqKYgem4yjMmeVjSmvGccXi6X2gMcBoTavii”,”reducedPrice”:”$112″,”sellerName”:”Amazon”,”countryCode”:”US”}]}” data-testid=”GallerySlideWrapper” orientation=”landscape”>

    Best for Couples: We-Vibe Nova 2

    Why It’s Worth It: The sleek Nova 2 from We-Vibe is designed to move with your body, so try out fun, new positions yourself or with a partner. Since it’s waterproof, you can tote it into the bath to get doubly wet. While its shaft is busy stimulating your G-spot, the flexible external stimulator maintains constant contact with the clitoris. And, for anyone in a long-distance relationship, you can download the We-Connect app and share control of the vibrator from anywhere.

    Editor Tip: The Nova 2 is a sex toy gymnast. The shaft and external stimulator are flexible enough to move with your body while hitting all your sweet spots.

    Product Specs: Waterproof, partner-friendly, ergonomic design, app-accessible settings, flexible internal and external stimulators,

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