17 Best Long-Wear Liquid Eyeliners 2023 That Will Last All Day: Editor & Makeup Artist Reviews

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The last thing anyone wants after spending umpteen minutes drawing on their most even, sharp, elegant cat-eye is to have people take their word for it a few hours later. There might have been a time when quickly-fading liner serve as an escape clause when your winging skills didn’t necessarily merit being on display all day, but you’ve since become more than adept at eyeliner and deserve proof of such not only as soon as you complete your makeup but long, long, long after.

Much like your lining talents have improved, so have the formulas of long-wearing eyeliners. More often than not found in the form of felt-tip pens, these formulas promise hours upon hours of un-smudged, un-faded, un-creased, un-melted defining magic, whether you prefer a skinny little line of barely-there dark brown, a thick, retro, black-as-night flick from the outer corners, or an unexpected color on an otherwise bare face.

But so you don’t have to go around testing every liner out there, we’ve rounded up 17 full-on, long-lasting, humidity-tested picks from Allure editors and professional makeup artists that’ll stay put through anything life throws your way.

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