16 Spray-On ‘Serums’ That Deliver Glow-y Skin in Seconds

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These supercharged takes on face mists pack potent ingredients and an array of benefits into one swift step.

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Getting consistently glow-y skin can sometimes feel like an impossibility, especially for the non-Zoë Kravitzes of the world and anyone who simply doesn’t have the time to incorporate a 20-step routine into their day. But if there’s anything social media — and its many filters — has taught us, it’s that a lit-from-within, luminous complexion is still at the top of most people’s beauty wish lists. A new crop of so-called spray-on “serums” is hoping to simplify and streamline the glow-building process: These supercharged takes on face mists pack potent ingredients and an array of benefits into one swift step, creating dewy, even complexions in seconds flat.

The idea behind these formulas, which are thicker than water but thinner than a typical-serum, is to create a simpler, foolproof way to deliver a variety of skin-care benefits onto your face, fast. These mist-and-go alternatives might not check every box a more elaborate routine would, but they’re definitely better than nothing. And, paired with basics like a daily face wash and sunscreen, they’re the lazy person’s solution to building a perfectly respectable skin-care routine.

For those who already rely on an arsenal of products, spray-on serums and facial mists can be helpful for quick midday moisture refreshes, to add an instant glow to makeup that’s turned dull and, of course, for in-flight spritzing while traveling. If your skin leans oily, look to formulas with alpha hydroxy acids, which gently exfoliate to prevent breakouts. If your skin tends to be on the drier side, look for ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid and ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier and, over time, the complexion’s ability to protect itself.

Click through the gallery below for 16 spray-on serums and benefit-packed face mists we love right now.

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