15 Best Ointments, Balms, and Salves for Dry Skin 2023: Skinfix, Egyptian Magic, Elizabeth Arden

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Finding the perfect balm or ointment formulation for you is a lot like buying jeans: You can never really have too many, prices run the gamut, and once you fall for one, you’ll find it somehow fixes everything, like the signature distressed Levi’s that never let you down.

Speaking of which, the aforementioned skin saviors rarely ever do — fail you, that is — as they’re specifically designed for soothing, nourishing, and repairing even the dryest, most distressed skin types. While you should always consult a board-certified dermatologist about any skin concerns, there are plenty of over-the-counter formulas that are superb at healing chapped lips, smoothing flaky spots, soothing irritation due to shaving, and even alleviating burns or skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Take Aquaphor, for example. This multitasking ointment moisturizes the lips, eyes, and body, heals cracked skin, minor cuts, and scrapes, prevents scarring, and even soothes cuticles.

If that didn’t convince you, one of the other balms, ointments, and salves listed below certainly will. For instance, you can use BYBI’s Babe Balm to add extra sheen to your cheekbones like a makeshift highlighter or even take the tiniest amount to smooth down flyaway hairs.

Without further ado, find some of our tried-and-true staples as well as a few new formulas we’re currently falling for. Pick up any one of these healing wonders and thank us later.

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