15 Best Eye Serums for Hydrated, Well-Rested Under Eyes 2024

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If the eyes are the window to the soul, our under eyes are an indication of last night’s 12-hour Friends rerun marathon. That’s when the best eye serum comes in handy. We’ve all woken up to less-than-stellar-looking under eyes — whether it be self-induced puffiness caused by pulling an all-nighter or dark circles thanks to genetics — but there are innovative skin-care formulas that can help us disguise the look and severity of tired-looking, dehydrated under eyes.

Eye creams are always a good idea for refreshing and hydrating the under eyes, but eye serums offer a more targeted approach to getting to the root of whatever undereye concern you’re battling. Similar to face serums, eye serums are thin, quick-absorbing solutions designed to provide targeted treatment with potent ingredients, says Reshmi Kapoor, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in Brooklyn, New York. These formulas combat a variety of issues, from dark circles and puffiness to fine lines, wrinkles, and texture.

Also worth noting? Eye serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients and fewer moisturizing and lubricating ingredients, making them more lightweight, thinner in consistency, and more absorbent compared to creams.” If you prefer more fluid formulas, consider swapping your eye cream for one of the best eye serums, broken down below. Or if you have a specific concern around the eyes and “desire a more intensive treatment in this area,” as Dusan Sajic, MD, an Ontario-based board-certified dermatologist and the founder of Sajic Skin Science, puts it, an eye serum will serve you well.

Our Top Picks:

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  • Best Overall: Dr. Dennis Gross Advanced Retinol + Ferulic Triple Correction Eye Serum”,”brand”:{“name”:””},”id”:”6511f5c1045f9ebe939f85e8″,”index”:0,”contentType”:”product”,”offers”:[{“offerUrl”:”https://www.amazon.com/Dennis-Gross-Advanced-Retinol-Correction/dp/B09BGHVQQP”,”price”:”$71″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”https://cna.st/p/2h8zKZvUAqv9ZJXALmjZG6yxazALsV88BnPjpY79tUigu4XpW8CkmGm5jTXcNa3sZg3ZxpGFENfgKPkxt8QkmdPM4e7jgz4GVTxryxWGNAr9vhedPiSPsSkUpPfL83SqFnfYEzA9FA38UBYCqFpe2dsuHDWgw2LmhLKTtMjA6Gv9y3WFwL”,”sellerName”:”Amazon”,”countryCode”:”US”,”reducedPrice”:””},{“offerUrl”:”https://www.nordstrom.com/s/dr-dennis-gross-skincare-advanced-retinol-ferulic-triple-correction-eye-serum/6426861″,”price”:”$71″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”https://cna.st/p/2h8zKZvUAqv9ZJXALmjZG6yxazALsV88BnPjpY79tUigu4XpW8CkmGm5jTXcNa3sZg3ZxpGFENfgKPkxtz4fFkha9CCzneuBG7XtfiBUGMAHgFGMGQnJxHR7b7qsUy3eNWhxTuS87fSNvFbwmoMY5J35miQ3RNdFyttUNTbjTjeRfE3W9k”,”sellerName”:”Nordstrom”,”countryCode”:”US”,”reducedPrice”:””},{“offerUrl”:”https://www.dermstore.com/dr-dennis-gross-advanced-retinol-ferulic-triple-correction-eye-serum/13180878.html”,”price”:”$71″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”https://cna.st/p/meh9fHuiYWLirz7knjuhASTgYt8JFPwA3zPqvyhxqqyUpVdWyZCnuCubPL77AQ6GQ1EYqBxzMj3ZQMV2xVuSTimZYcbmGNCT5r2iVGVnMhUt2uGDPCRXuWPdMKjict7y1wsXQcf79sv44Yf1okZyLC437ofC7YCN4Rps8kZpa”,”sellerName”:”Dermstore”,”countryCode”:””,”reducedPrice”:””}]}” data-testid=”GallerySlideWrapper” orientation=”landscape”>

    Best Overall: Dr. Dennis Gross Advanced Retinol + Ferulic Triple Correction Eye Serum

    “Formulated with retinol and antioxidants, the Dr. Dennis Gross Advanced Retinol + Ferulic Triple Correction Eye Serum is a great option for targeting fine lines and crepey skin around the eyes,” says Dr. Kapoor. If applying retinol underneath your eyes sounds scary, know that the eye serum fuses the all-star ingredient with calming botanicals like rambutan and bakuchiol to combat any irritation. Still, the formula stays true to the collagen-boosting, tone-evening effects of retinol, says Dr. Sajic.

    Allure Commerce editor Sarah Han is also a fan of this incredibly lightweight option. “I’m really hitting the gas pedal on retinol now that I’ve entered my 30s and I love how seamlessly and quickly this gel-like formula absorbs — and without an ounce of irritation.”

  • Best for Fine Lines: Drunk Elephant A-Shaba Complex Eye Serum”,”brand”:{“name”:””},”id”:”6511fef2b07929e9ac96d644″,”index”:1,”contentType”:”product”,”offers”:[{“offerUrl”:”https://www.ulta.com/p/a-shaba-complex-eye-serum-pimprod2038441″,”price”:”$64″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”https://cna.st/p/2h8zKZvUAqv9ZJXALmjZG6yxazALsV88BnPjpY79tUigu4XpW8CkmGm5ri1YZLZ1Tb5UJhiHUKHf9c9EWDSt7XMGShuGhkneNH4MCosyuDLM9svUGn9yUe35yh4gS2gdo9xV1JA5XHfPTUvtDb6PCGzCPWD8iVmEjGxS8Yb2azoRDnV7gJ”,”sellerName”:”Ulta Beauty”,”countryCode”:”US”,”reducedPrice”:””},{“offerUrl”:”https://www.sephora.com/product/drunk-elephant-a-shaba-complex-retinol-eye-serum-with-caffeine-copper-peptides-P504139″,”price”:”$64″,”currency”:”USD”,”purchaseUri”:”https://cna.st/p/2h8zKZvUAqv9ZJXALmjZG6yxazALsV88BnPjpY79tUigu4XpW8CkmGm5ri1YZLZ1Tb5UJhiHUKHf9c9EX56nbefVXFzXoRdZ8vdNtZZBoPeUuRYC9UVtZUhikRFDnxHSuszuEDS4Po4duYzdA8dHEw9Nt16VCr3j1qXSceTbxTXguy2Mti”,”sellerName”:”Sephora”,”countryCode”:”US”,”reducedPrice”:””}]}” data-testid=”GallerySlideWrapper” orientation=”landscape”>

    Best for Fine Lines: Drunk Elephant A-Shaba Complex Eye Serum

    If it’s not the bright-topped cap that gets you, what’s inside the bottle will. The Drunk Elephant A-Shaba Complex Eye Serum is enhanced with copper peptides, which Dr. Sajic says boosts skin elasticity, 0.1% retinol for softening up those concealer-settling fine lines, and a high concentration of caffeine (3%) to banish fatigue and dark circles around the eyes.

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